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Space City Comic Con 2016 approaches!!

I had a total blast on the Tough Mudder course this weekend! Every year, I take a team from Jade Mountain to hit the Tough Mudder, a 10-12 mile obstacle couse, so that we can have fun and challenge ourselves. I highly suggest signing up for'll never be the same! That deserves its own Blog post, so I may talk about it on my other blog,

Now that the TM is over, I have something else to look forward to: the Space City Comic Con!! It starts this weekend, Friday at noon, and runs until Sunday at 6pm. As a card-carrying nerd, I'm awfully excited. I've got a huge bunch of books to sell and I'm ready to hang out with everyone!

Space City Comic Con

If you're in Houston this weekend, please stop in to the Con and say hello! I really enjoy talking to folks, whether you're fans of my books, a budding (or experienced) writer, or just someone who likes all things sci-fi/fantasy, feel free to stop on by our booth! For those who want to join my mailing list, you'll even get a free preview of the final book in the trilogy, A Mage Awakens!

Have a great week, everyone!


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