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Medical Ridiculousness

I'm just getting shots, why the paper robe?

I had a little adventure on Friday, so I thought I'd share. If you didn't know, I actually have the most fabulous day job: I own and run my own martial arts school! I've loved martial arts since I was a kid, and it's always been my dream job. Now that I have it, it's still my dream job, but it comes with an array of bumps, bruises, and the occasional mysterious injury. My left hip has been troublesome, so I elected to get some shots to take care of the issue. I thought I'd hop up on the table, get a couple of quick injections, and head out the door. I was soooo wrong. They knocked me completely out. Pow.

I had no idea that it was a serious surgical procedure. The good news is that wow, my hip feels amazing! Now I'll be back to causing trouble in no time!

This week, I'll be hunkering down and putting in some solid writing time on Grim Situations...the next book in my GrimFaerie series. Initial feedback has been good, and lots of folks are apparently interested in my new detective with paranormal talents, Avery Lynne. Here's a quick peek...

Moving with surprising dexterity, the fugitive leaped over the walkway at the east entrance and began weaving through the round concrete tables and benches, surprising the few students who had spread out there. He was gaining speed, his tie flying over his shoulder like a pennant in the wind, and Jim was hard-pressed to stay close. Jim knew if the runner made the corner, he might escape. All he needed was a few moments out of sight and then he could be gone for good. Wheezing and blinking sweat from his eyes, Jim tried to push harder, knowing that he was out of luck. His target seemed to know it, laughing harshly back over his shoulder at the pursuing detective.

Just as the man reached the corner, a dark green jeep came flying out of the unseen parking lot on the far side of the building. It screeched to a stop in front of him, forcing him to slam his hands against its side to keep from bashing his face into it, dropping the briefcase to the ground in the process. He staggered momentarily, then turned to glance at the detective for only an instant before snatching up his case and bolting to his left, sprinting around the corner and leaving the jeep idling in place.

“Stay there! Police!” Jim yelled at the jeep, trying to keep his eyes on his target. He rounded the corner and saw the man racing down the parking lot, picking up speed. Despair washed over him as he gauged the distance and knew he’d never make it. It seemed the man knew it too as he turned back and threw the detective the finger as he ran.

That’s when Detective Avery Lynne came flying out from behind a suburban parked next to the north entrance. She slammed into the running man, burying her shoulder into his exposed ribs and knocking most of the wind out of him. She landed on top of him on the pavement, letting the hard surface take out the rest of his breath in an explosive wheeze that left him gasping like a fish. Blood oozed from the new holes in her slacks where she had scraped her knees, and her palms were abraded, but she felt no pain as she rolled him over on his face and pinned him with a knee in the small of his back. She efficiently yanked his hands behind him as she reached for her handcuffs, a faint smile appearing on her face.

She hadn’t been sure that cutting through the building would get her across in time, just as she hadn’t been certain their target would be close once she emerged, but her gut had told her it was worth a shot. Once inside, she had to skirt the fountain and several students, but her instincts led her unerringly along the shortest path to the exit door. She had burst through it, skipped across the uneven steps, and honed in on the man’s harsh laughter. She’d launched herself through the air before even seeing him. He hadn’t had a chance.

“You have the right to remain silent,” she began, silently adding, you jerk. The man struggled beneath her and finally managed to catch a pained breath, which he released with a moan of bewilderment and pain.

Jim staggered over to them and bent over, hands on knees, heaving for breath. “That,” he began, pausing to suck in a few more lungfuls of air before continuing, “was beautiful.” He swallowed as he began to recover. “I need to buy you tacos more often.”

“Damn straight, you do,” Avery muttered.

Detective Avery Lynne has a lot more power than she knows...find out how awesome she is in October when she joins forces with Kane and Ariana in the next book of the GrimFaerie Chronicles!



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Happy reading, folks! And remember...I love talking to YOU! So don't be a stranger...drop me a note sometime!


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