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Kane and Ariana find themselves in...A Grim Situation!

It started back on April 4 of this year. I'd gone on a run on a hike and bike trail near my school, and had decided to walk back so that I could think. I knew I wanted to write another GrimFaerie story, but in order to do that, I know...a story. Nothing was coming to me, but I know that walking often helps get my mental gears turning. Ordinarily, I never stop during such a walk, but for no good reason, I sat on a bench and rested for a bit. I looked across the canal and noticed the new apartment complexes that have popped up over there. Someone shouted, a brief noise that wasn't followed by any explosions or catastrophes. Everything seemed fine. For all I knew, it had just been some guy stubbing his toe. I thought about it for a minute, and then the opening scene of A Grim Situation began to unfold in my mind. Eight months later, the story's complete and ready for you to enjoy!

Some of the Faerie prefer the dark. Unknown and unseen, there are those who maintain the eternal balance between Good and Evil. GrimFaeries do it in an ugly way: with fang and claw and blood. A hard-bitten soldier of the Light, Kane the Grim walks quietly among us, dealing death to those who deserve it. His true form hidden by an illusion, he vigilantly protects the innocent from evils they wouldn’t believe, monsters and evil sorcerers alike. His new partner, Ariana the witch, brings her two-gunned approach to the table, using semi-automatic weapons and magick spells with equal ease. Together, they keep the city of Houston safe.

When someone deals drugs that instantly cause demonic possession, evidence points to someone with enormous power pulling the strings. Kane and Ariana go on the hunt, but the police aren’t far behind, and a detective from Kane’s past may expose his true nature. When Kane is framed for murder, he and Ariana must evade the police while pursuing a killer from Houston to the desert of New Mexico. It’s a heart-stopping thrill ride as Kane and Ariana race to catch the demon-monger before all hell breaks loose…literally.


Sooooo I sat down to work on a prequel to the Fire of the Jidaan Trilogy this past week. I really did. I'd started it earlier this year, but got sidetracked by AGS. Reading over what I had so far on that story, I was pretty excited. I started picking at it, reading it over to get the feel of it again. Then I found myself opening up a new document and typing away....on another GrimFaerie story. Sigh. It's not my fault, OK? I really meant to work on that prequel. I did. But dang, when a scene hits me I simply have to write it. Kane's already causing trouble, and I'm awfully interested in finding out what happens next. See, I really don't know because I never outline my stories. (You hear that, Batla?? I'm a 'pantser' to the end!!) I'll see how it goes and I'll keep y'all posted.


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