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New Release! Grim Obligations, Coming Soon!

I've been quiet on here, mostly because I've been writing! Yes, I finally got moving on the next Kane-Ariana adventure, and it's aaaaalmost ready! If all goes according to plan, I should have it out before Christmas this year. Woo hoooo!

I have a ton of fun writing these stories. The characters do what they do, I just report it, really. Not a lot of planning when I write, I just jot down the movie I see in my head. This story highlights Detective Avery Lynne, a woman who discovered her own magickal powers in A Grim Situation. In this story, she's learning the ropes from Ariana Rhodes, who's teaching her the finer points of spellcraft and how to control the potent magick she wields. Avery also has something of an eye for Kane, the GrimFaerie, though he hasn't given her the time of day. . .yet. Here's the official description:


Keeping the eternal balance between Good and Evil is a rough job, but GrimFaeries love dirty work. Hidden from mortal eyes, they walk quietly among us, delivering an instant death sentence to those who deserve it. As he patrols the shadows of Houston, Texas, Kane the Grim keeps his fangs sharp and his claws sharper. His true form hidden by an illusion, he protects the innocent from horrors they wouldn’t believe. His partner, Ariana, is a witch equally skilled with machine guns and magick spells. She’s never far away, and always ready to throw down alongside the Grim.

When an evil sorcerer binds Kane to his service, Kane is ordered to kill a friend. . .and not just any friend, but Ariana’s new lover, businessman and shapeshifter Max Von Gerhardt. Can mutual friend Detective Avery Lynne use her new powers to help them break the spell, or will Kane have to face the claws and fangs of the King of the Werewolves in a battle to the death?

Fans of the first two books will probably love this one. It's got lots of action, just like the first two. Oh, I threw a bit more humor in there, as well as. . .dare I say it. . .a hint of romance. Things are heating up for Kane the Grim!

I'll certainly keep y'all posted as the publication day approaches. Have a happy Thanksgiving, folks!


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