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Grim Reminders is finally available!

After what seems like forever, the latest book in the GrimFaerie Chronicles is out! Woo hoooo! Yes, it took far longer than I intended, but I think the extra time has been worth it.

So much has been going on since the last time posted here, I feel like a dork for not keeping things updated. Most of it has been great stuff and we've been hopping from one busy week to the next, but then there have been some hard days as well.

There have been some fun events I was glad to be a part of! This past year, I've attended the Tomball Author Fest, the Indie Author Book Fair in Houston, Brazoria County Comic Con, and Nerd Con...whew! Told ya I've been busy!!

The next event on my schedule is Tri City Comic Con, which will be January 13-14., 2024. I hope y'all will come out and say hello, I'd love to see everyone!

Now that Grim Reminders is out, I'm deciding what story to work on next. I have a Guardians prequel, and then there's the story I call 'The Werewolf Brothers' which will certainly not be the final title. It's more about one werewolf and a little girl, and I'll figure out something better. It's set in the GrimFaerie universe, but wouldn't be GrimFaerie book 5—that's another story altogether. I posted an excerpt from the werewolf story and it got a lot of support, so I'm leaning towards that one.

Ok, I'd better get back to work. There's so much to do and so little time. Before I go, here's a pic of our two little nitwits/darlings, Kenzie and Skittles. They're hilarious and loveable little monsters, and we adore them. Have a great day, folks!


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