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Grim Obligations is Live!!

Wow, I've been so busy dealing with...well, with everything, that I totally forgot to post here when Grim Obligations went live. Holy moley, how can I miss such a thing!! It has been something of a crazy year, so I don't mind admitting to being somewhat distracted. I mean, seriously, 2020 set the bar pretty darned low...all 2021 had to do was be remotely normal, and it would automatically be a 'better' year, but noooooooo. As of this writing, Most of Texas is suffering from power outages and water problems due to winter storm Uri. My upcoming hip replacement surgery has been postponed, our heater has broken, and blah, blah, blah, it's been like crazy-town around here. But I've removed my head from my rear-end, and I'm finally able to catch y'all up on stuff here!

Firstly, Grim Obligations: Book 3 of the GrimFaerie Chronicles, is available in e-book and paperback at Amazon! Woo hoooo!

Keeping the eternal balance between Good and Evil is a rough job, but GrimFaeries love dirty work. Hidden from mortal eyes, they walk quietly among us, delivering an instant death sentence to those who deserve it. As he patrols the shadows of Houston, Texas, Kane the Grim keeps his fangs sharp and his claws sharper. His true form hidden by an illusion, he protects the innocent from horrors they wouldn’t believe. His partner, Ariana, is a witch equally skilled with machine guns and magick spells. She’s never far away, and always ready to throw down alongside the Grim.

When an evil sorcerer binds Kane to his service, Kane is ordered to kill a friend. . .and not just any friend, but Ariana’s new lover, businessman and shapeshifter Max Von Gerhardt. Can mutual friend Detective Avery Lynne use her new powers to help them break the spell, or will Kane have to face the claws and fangs of the King of the Werewolves in a battle to the death?

GRIM OBLIGATIONS was a ton of fun to write, and I'm hoping y'all will enjoy it, too. Go check it out, and then I'd loooove to hear your thoughts!


IN OTHER NEWS, I was recently interviewed on the Urban Fantasy Author Podcast! It was sooo much fun talking to author Paul Sating, and after the interview, you can listen to the first chapter of Grim Undertakings: Book 1 of the GrimFaerie Chronicles! I'm thinking of recording the audiobooks for this series myself, so I'd love some of y'all to give it a listen and tell me what you think of my audio performance. Don't be shy, I truly want your opinion!


Whew! Ok, so I think those are the main things on the agenda for now. Since we're shut down with this icy weather, I've had an opportunity to do some other things, like binge-watch my favorite show, Lucifer. Look, I can't help it...the show is fun, exciting, a little silly, and unexpectedly moving. I just finished watching the latest (and last) episode on Netflix last night. Now it's hurry-up-and-wait until they drop the next round of episodes. Aaaaargggghhh!!


And lastly, just for fun, here's a pic of our new pug, Aldin. He's wearing a cute little shirt because it's ridiculously cold right now and the little guy is pretty wiry. . .nothing extra to keep him warm. Yes, my hair is funny-looking because he's been chewing on it. Hey, we all have hobbies.


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