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GrimFaeries, Conventions, and stuff!

Allllmost there!

It's been a busy summer out here, and with school starting up again, it's only gotten busier. Even so, I've managed to keep working on the new GrimFaerie tale, and the end is getting closer! I've got a convention coming up in Houston in October, and I'd love to have copies on hand, so that's motivated me to keep working. That, and the fans who keep asking me when the next one's coming out. ;-)  Haven't read Grim Undertakings yet? It's available on Kindle can check it out here:

The event I'll be attending is called The Fandemic Tour, at Houston's NRG Center on October 18-20th. I've really enjoyed having booths at the various fantasy/sci-fi conventions the past few years...there's just so much cool stuff to see! At past events, I've met folks like Adrian Paul, Ron Perlman, Brent Spiner, Gil Gerard, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Marina Sirtis, and Sandahl Bergman. All of them were super-fun to talk to, and I always enjoyed the experience. More importantly, I loooove the chance to talk to fantasy fans, meet new people, and occasionally run across folks who enjoy my books!

If you're interested in checking out all the fun stuff at Fandemic, I've got a deal for you! If you use my code, you'll get 10% off your ticket! Just click the pic below and use JADEMOUNTAIN10 to get your discount!

What fictional hero inspires you?

It was always Spider-Man for me, ever since I was a little kid. "With great power comes great responsibility." What a profound lesson that was for me as a child, to see this teenager gain incredible powers and then choose to use them to help others. Great, noble stuff. Of course, the fact that there were exciting battles, fantastic villains, and creative storylines helped a lot, but I was always drawn to Spidey's strong sense of responsibility. Was there a character that meant something to you, inspired you? I'd love to hear!

Ok, I'll get back to work here. Thanks for spending a little time with me, my fabulous readers! Don't be strangers, feel free to give me a holler anytime!



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