Brunar, the Mage. Great power and great responsibility.
Mordak, the evil sorcerer. His power is only surpassed by his insanity. He's bad news.
Jor Dayne
Jor Dayne is Mordak's Champion. Once a simple mercenary named Lucanos, Jor Dayne was created by the evil sorcerer when he bonded a daemon into the man.
Alyssa is a healer, brought up in the Rowook Home by the nuns of Rowann. She's little...but fierce!
Bjarke is a mighty fellow, and the jolliest of the Guardians. He wrestles bears for fun. And wins.
Headmaster of the Thieves Guild of Rualtha, Nessar is an aging thief who's 'still got it'. Naturally, this Guardian carries the Jidaan of Stealth.
Gart and Beauty
Gart was a surly farmer. He never asked to be Chosen as a Guardian, but his Destiny was already written.
Kiran is a mercenary with attitude. She takes no crap and is ready to throw down.
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