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Reyanna's Prophecy, Now Available for Preorder!

Hey, folks! I know I've kept you waiting, but at last, here she is! Reyanna's Prophecy is the next adventure in the world of Talwynn, land of the Guardians and the Jidaan. It's available NOW for Preorder for only $2.99 at Amazon! That's cheaper than your Starbucks coffee!! Reyanna is a young woman with a secret. A human among the noble Weya, as well-trained with bow and dagger as any of the elf people who raised her, she's also hiding an incredible power that's growing within her. All she wants is to live her life as a Weya Ranger, at one with forest and stream, but Destiny has other plans. The surviving Guardians are older now. They have long since settled into quiet lives, leaving their days of brutal combat behind them. The magickal spears, the Jidaan, have been packed away and lie silent. Although peace has reigned for decades and Mordak is long gone...evil yet lurks in the Realm. Out of the blue, a powerful vision brings them all to their knees. A prophecy is given, but few clues. Their perilous journeys begin; Reyanna searches for her truth while the Guardians hurry to stop a powerful Mage from making a grave mistake. Set two decades after the events of the The Fire of the Jidaan Trilogy, Reyanna's Prophecy is available for preorder right now!! It will drop in just a few days, Tuesday, August 7th – and to add a little zing to the occasion, I'm setting up a very special GIVEAWAY!! Stay tuned here or on my FBook or Instagram pages and you'll have chances to enter when Reyanna's Prophecy hits the virtual shelves! In addition, I'll be making an appearance at the Fandemic Comic Con in September here in Houston at the NRG Center! Woo hoooo! I'll have copies of all my books available and I'm really looking forward to seeing as many readers as possible. I hope you can stop by and say hello!


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