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Editing Continues...

The editing for Book 3, A Mage Awakens, is in progress! I'm currently on chapter 35, and just finished tweaking one of the final chapters as well. That one didn't feel quite right, but I think it's ready now. Preliminary sketches for cover art are underway as well. After this first round of edits are over, then I'll be printing the whole thing and reading it aloud to be sure that it sounds good, then making the final round of edits after that. Wow, it's been such an adventure!

In addition to this, I've also begun a short story that stars Layton. He's the young warrior known as the Weaponsmaster throughout the Realm. I started seeing a scene in which he was undergoing training in the far east, and thought it might be a fun tale to tell. I'm still deciding whether to post it here and keep it to myself for now. I'm open to suggestions!

While I was going over stuff on my laptop today, I stumbled across an interview by the amazing Toni Betzner back in 2015. I thought someone might be interested, so here you go! My Write of Passage Blog

Remind me to tell y'all about my intro to pro wrestling sometime. It was fun!


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