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...the blade hissed through the air and zzzzzzz...

Ok, I've been a martial artist for over 30 years. I've been a professional instructor for 12. My life revolves around combat of many types; theoretical, actual, historical, and modern, one way or another, I'm almost always thinking about attack or defense. It's a necessary part of my life. In a big way, it's also hugely enjoyable for me. Part of my training is sport oriented, and it's plain old fun.

I say this so that maybe you'll be more understanding when I say that I fall asleep during fight scenes.

Name almost any giant combat scene from any big-budget fantasy movie, and I've most likely fallen asleep during that fight. I think I just get all happy and comfortable during those scenes and I just drift off with a happy little smile on my face.

I tell you this so that it won't be a surprise to you that I dozed off at my computer this afternoon while I was writing. Yes, I realize that there are jokes to be made, such as: "Dang, he bored himself to sleep with his own writing!" Joke away, I laughed pretty hard at myself when I awoke to see this:

Apparently, I fell asleep with my finger on the 'l' key. Granted, I had just done two miles of interval sprints before I sat down to write, but whatever.

I'm happy to be writing again, and very much looking forward to seeing Book 3 unfold. I've already been seeing various scenes and characters, so now the task is translate those things from the funky folds of my brain to the printed page. I'm on it. I'll keep you posted.


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