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Reyanna's Fire is Here! And so is Fandemic!

Reyanna is a young woman with great power...but can she control it before it takes her over completely? A powerful vision strikes her out of nowhere, showing her a scarred man with an emerald-pommeled spear and his massive canine companion. A dire threat loomed in the vision, but before it became clear, the vision ended, leaving her bloodied and disoriented. Although her path was anything but clear, she knew she had to find answers.

Across the Realm, others also experienced the painful prophecy. Guardians, long settled into quiet lives, knew it was time to take up their Jidaan again as they searched for the source of the vision.

Terrifying creatures, evil sorcerers, and heroes both young and not-so-young, all cross paths in The Forge Born Duology! Hey, they're FREE if you're a Kindle Unlimited member, so go check them out!

I had a blast writing this one. Revisiting some of the characters from the original Fire of the Jidaan Trilogy was SO much fun, especially when they are older in this tale, closer to my own age. Well, except for Nessar...he was old already. Exploring new characters, too, was really enjoyable. I have a strong feeling that you'll be seeing many of these folks again at some point...that's right, maybe even some of the 'bad guys!'

This weekend, I'm heading into Houston for Fandemic! It's a new comic convention that looks like a ton of fun. Lots of folks from The Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy will be there! I'll have all my books available if you'd like to pick up signed copies, and even if you already have them, feel free to stop by and chat! I truly enjoy talking to fans, readers, authors, and friends both old and new! I'll be there Friday through Sunday, so come on by!


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