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New book, part 2! And a comic con!

So the new book is out! Reyanna's Prophecy is available in e-book and paperback at Amazon and other outlets, and copies will be available at Jade Mountain Martial Arts any minute now (I keep watching for the UPS guy). I've had some feedback, and it's been good! There have been a couple of complaints, but fortunately, the major beef folks have expressed is that they want the second part of the story RIGHT NOW!

Good news, though: the second book in the Duology, Reyanna's Fire, is complete and waiting for a cover. I've got my artist working on it as we speak (or as I type) and I'm hoping to have it finished and released before my appearance at Fandemic Houston, a really cool comic con due to hit Houston in mid-September! I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

I'm really looking forward to finishing up this project. Of course, I won't consider it finished until I have copies of books 1 and 2 sitting in front of me, and there are a couple of weeks left before that happens. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this story and meeting the new characters, as well as catching up with some of my favorites from the original trilogy, but I can feel an itch growing. There are other stories rolling around in my head. I just catch glimpses of them at the moment, just fleeting images and scenes, nothing so well-formed I could call it a complete tale. Heck, I still have that urban fantasy that's screaming for me to finish it, but I'm stuck on that one. Once I get Reyanna's tale out there in its entirety, then I can start noodling away on something else. I look forward to that! I hope you all do too.


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