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Grim Undertakings is now available!

Hey, everyone!

It's finally done! Woo hooo! Grim Undertakings is finally available in both paperback and ebook at It's a slight change of pace from my epic fantasy series, but it's still full of action, monsters, and magick...and it's set right here in Houston!

Not all of the Faerie are sweet little Pixies. There are a few who do the dirty work on the side of the Light. Unknown protectors walk among us, gleefully using fang and claw and magick, leaving a bloody trail of vanquished evildoers in their wake. They are the GrimFaeries. If you are evil enough to try to tip the balance towards the Dark side, you might just get a visit from one. And they won't be leaving a coin under your pillow.

When Kane the Grim is tasked with finding a serial murderer in Houston, he discovers that there is much more at stake. Magick is afoot, and an evil sorcerer is behind the killings. When he rescues a witch from certain death, his new mission becomes clear: stop the bad guy before it’s too late. Teaming up with a witch who's as good with a gun as with her spells, they'll face monsters, magick, and M-16's, as they risk everything to stop the evil in its tracks before all is lost.


I love Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, and this is along that same vein. It's a fast, adventurous tale that's both modern and magickal, and I had a blast writing it. I hope y'all enjoy!

In other news, I'll be signing books at Katy Budget Books on Saturday, March 9, from 12-1pm. I love chatting with fantasy fans, so come out and say hello!


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