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Well, my latest story is still rolling along. I'm only a couple of chapters from the end, but you never know how long they will end up until they've been completed. I'm having a blast, though. As always, I'll keep you, dear readers, informed of the situation. I'm close enough now, at least, that I can start on the cover art. Wait, that sounds like I'm the one doing the artwork. If you know me, you absolutely know that my talents lie in other areas, so I'm having someone else do the artwork. I've found a couple of amazing artists, and think I've settled on the one I'll be using for this story.

One thing I struggle with is ALL THE THINGS. We all lead busy lives, and I'm no exception. The fact that I run my own business just adds to my list of THINGS that need to be done each day. As the owner of a martial arts school, that adds even more THINGS. It's not enough to only handle the admin stuff. My own training, both for skills and physical fitness, demands a high priority. I'm also a family man, so there you go...more THINGS on the To Do List. As an Indie Author, I also have to handle all the publicity and admin stuff for my work. You guessed it...more THINGS.

I love to write. I schedule some time every day for my WIP (Work In Progress), though it never seems like enough. I realize that there's no rush...I don't have a deadline unless I decide that I do. The only pressure that I really have is the fact that I really, really want to see how the story comes out. I have a pretty good idea what's coming, but more often than not, I'm surprised by what comes out on the page in the same way that a reader might be, and I find that to be pretty exciting. I'm a loooong way from being a full-time writer, and in truth, I'm a martial arts instructor first, and a writer second. Even if I was extremely successful with my book sales (yes, please!), I'd still teach martial arts.

I've got another project almost ready to hit the shelves that I'm pretty excited about, and I'll post about it very soon. Keep an eye out!


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