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A Couple of Troublemakers.

The book signing was wonderful! So many people came by to say hello; friends, family, students, and even a few fans! My pro wrestler friends even stopped by! I really enjoy these events, and I'm deeply grateful to Anna Brown and the whole gang at Katy Budget Books for having me out again. It made me want to hustle up and finish my next book so that I can see about another book signing!

In other news, I'm going to be on Red River Radio again tomorrow! This time, my lifelong friend, Brian Briscoe will be there too, so I'm just going to assume that there will be shenanigans. There's a chatroom on the site where you can make trouble and ask questions while listening to the show, and I'll do my best to type and talk at the same time if necessary. I hope you'll come join us! You can listen HERE.


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