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Space City Comic Con 2016 approaches!!

I had a total blast on the Tough Mudder course this weekend! Every year, I take a team from Jade Mountain to hit the Tough Mudder, a 10-12 mile obstacle couse, so that we can have fun and challenge ourselves. I highly suggest signing up for one...you'll never be the same! That deserves its own Blog post, so I may talk about it on my other blog, www.sifuwhit.blogspot.com.

Now that the TM is over, I have something else to look forward to: the Space City Comic Con!! It starts this weekend, Friday at noon, and runs until Sunday at 6pm. As a card-carrying nerd, I'm awfully excited. I've got a huge bunch of books to sell and I'm ready to hang out with everyone!

If you're in Houston this weekend, please stop in to the Con and say hello! I really enjoy talking to folks, whether you're fans of my books, a budding (or experienced) writer, or just someone who likes all things sci-fi/fantasy, feel free to stop on by our booth! For those who want to join my mailing list, you'll even get a free preview of the final book in the trilogy, A Mage Awakens!

Have a great week, everyone!



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